Clearing Jumps

Riders often remark to me that they just can’t seem to get up the nerve to hit jumps fast enough to clear them properly. When I work with these riders,

Flowing Through Uneven Terrain

Your stance when flowing through bumpy surfaces can make a dramatic difference in how much control you have, and how much effort you have to exert to stay smooth. Simon

Hip Flexion

Have you ever asked the question of how to create hip flexion? One of the ways to do this is by looking where you want to go. You can do

Cornering Essentials

Diamondback rider and Fluidride Instruction owner Simon Lawton works with Kyle Thomas on foot work. Watch as they explore the finer points of foot dominance by concentrating on staying lively

Steep Switchbacks

Some of the most challenging technical mountain biking comes at steep, tight, switchback turns. Riders often flow along nicely, only to have to stop and get off the bike to

Riding Blind

Diamondback team rider and Fluidride Coach Simon Lawton talks us through riding blind, on a trail that perhaps you’ve never ridden before. Sometimes we find ourselves so comfortable with our

Ready to Rumble

Everything you need to know to head off the pavement and glide over gravel 1. Know Your Opponent There are 1.4 million miles of gravel and dirt roads in the

How to Be a Better Mountain Biker

Simon Lawton is a pro mountain biker and the owner of Fluidride, a coaching company that specializes in clinics and video. He just released Progression, a feature-length instructional film that

Find Your Perfect Fit

It’s a shame: a well-fitting bike can often go unnoticed. When your saddle’s comfortable and your hands are resting on that sweet spot on your bars, life is good—no need