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A Lookback At Diamondback History

From our California beginnings to today, we continue to remain true to our roots. Here’s a few of the key dates in our brand timeline. 1970’s 1977: Diamond Back (two

The Porter Family Takes On the PNW

The Porters Take On The PNW

Words and photos from DB Athlete Eric Porter. Oregon is full of amazing places to ride, so when Milo and I were planning our annual trip to the Mountain Bike

Get Amped! in Bellingham on the Diamondback Union 1

Get Amped! Bellingham Style

The “City of Subdued Excitement”? We think not. Diamondback travels up to Bellingham, WA, not for its famous trails, but to hit the streets and check out the music scene.

How We Roll

Welcome to where it all began… the land of wheelies, skids, and the “mob squad”, where the times are timeless and age doesn’t exist. That’s right, you know the spot,

old school diamondback

Window Shopper

Ever have that one thing you’d do anything for? How far would you go to get it? Relive the moment you met your first love, the bicycle. Some things never

On The Road With Micayla Gatto

Take a look at life on the road with Micayla Gatto as she adventures all throughout British Columbia. In a four-part series, Micayla shares her trip to Vedder, Whistler, Cumberland,