Hip Flexion

Have you ever asked the question of how to create hip flexion? One of the ways to do this is by looking where you want to go. You can do this by pointing the front of your chest in the direction that you want to go, creating flexion in your hips. A lot of people have issues doing this in both directions, they are not ambi-turners. If you have this issue, one-footed turns are recommended. This is basically where you stand at 6 o’clock which in turn makes you really feel the rotation and hip engagement.

If you are taking a flatland turn, this should be much more focused with your lower body. This involves your belly and pelvis leading the movement. On a really nice berm turn, you want to lead with your heart. This helps you lean the bike and rider over to create good active energy. When you focus on your hip flexion, this sets you up to be in the natural position to properly corner a turn.

In summary, turn your inside knee and head to the direction that you want to turn. You then follow with your center (heart or pelvic region) to make this a much more natural movement. Good luck!