Flowing Through Uneven Terrain

Your stance when flowing through bumpy surfaces can make a dramatic difference in how much control you have, and how much effort you have to exert to stay smooth. Simon Lawton knows flow: this video shows tips to make anyone faster through uneven terrain.

Many people crouch down while riding through uneven surfaces but if you think about how you would stand regularly, it’s more stress on your knees and legs to squat then it would be to stand. Therefore it is very important to learn to stand tall when entering and exiting the same altitude through a bumpy area. We can absorb a lot more with our legs and this makes riding much more enjoyable when we conserve energy. It is okay to stand at full height when we enter a bump while bending your knees so that my legs are ready to move in toward your body. This also allows my helmet to stay at the same height and absorb everything in my legs. Minimize the amount of time spent in a squatting position and down in our muscles. When you are riding over the bumps, scoot your chest forward over the bars. This allows the bicycle to move in toward you which creates a slight bend in your legs. You are trying to bend your legs to the height of the object you are rolling over which then creates a very smooth ride.