Lost Lake Trails

Lost Lake Trails

Whistler’s All-Mountain Gems

Find your flow on these rolling singletrack trails in British Columbia

Lost Lake Trails

Less traveled than others in Whistler, the trails at Lost Lake undulate in classic cross-country style. But even the mellowest have slippery roots and granite outcroppings. Translation: You’ll have to work for your flow. But with a conifer forest that smells of Christmas and a dip in the namesake lake, you won’t regret trying.

Business Time

Lost Lake, this 5-mile trail is one of the few rolling routes in Whistler, with short, punchy ups along the Cheakamus River and cruisy, fun downs with dozens of tight turns.

Comfortably Numb

Combine this classic 12-miler with the more technical Kill Me Thrill Me trail—sand, ladders, shoots, roots, and rock gardens—and you’ll feel like you’ve done it all.

Rainbow-Sproatt Flank

Follow this roller coaster north to south for 28 miles, then choose from the West Side’s aggressive descents: steep rock faces, big drops, and tricky, rooty riding.

Bonus TipUnder Pressure

Trails in Whistler are known for boulders, granite shards, and gravel. To reduce chances of a flat, add several psi to what you -normally run. In slick conditions, you might have to lower it again for more grip.