Mountain bikers have never had as many trail options as we do right now. It seems advocacy groups and motivated trail builders are adding miles every day. There is so much work being put into trail systems all over the country that it's hard to keep up! Our own Eric Porter recently checked out a growing mountain bike network near his home in Utah:

I’ve been hearing about the Corner Canyon trail network in Draper, UT for a while now, and how it’s growing into a great ride center. It’s only an hour from my house, but I just hadn’t found time to make it down there until now. I met my friend Joey Klein, from IMBA, for a ride around the facility, and left impressed with how much a city park has done.

Corner Canyon

This place is possible because of a partnership between equestrians, hikers, and bikers, and because they worked together, 1,000+ acres were saved from development and turned into an amazing trail network. Joey has been a part of the planning process here since the turn of the century, and it just keeps growing. The latest work concentrated on a revamp of the popular “Rush” flow trail, and a new pump track and jump park at the bottom.

Corner Canyon

After a couple laps and an hour in the jump park, I can say with certainty that they nailed it here. What could have been more houses that all look the same has become an amazing place for families and riders of all ability levels to get out in the woods. While riding we came across a group of kids from the local middle and high school teams out for a ride. I was even able to be the flat tire fairy and fix a flat for one of the kids, they were stoked to say the least!

Corner Canyon

If you make it to Utah, don’t miss this spot!

Thanks Eric!

Learn more about Corner Canyon here.

all photos: Joey Klein / IMBA