Since 2000, record numbers of Americans have parked their cars and ridden their bikes. Here’s a look at who’s riding where.

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Rapid Results

Installing a mile-long protected lane on Ninth Avenue in New York City resulted in a 49% estimated potential increase in retail sales among merchants located along the path and a 58% reduction in injuries to all street users (cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers).
Source: New York City Department of Transportation, Measuring the Street, 2012

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The State of Bike Commuting

Since 2000, record numbers of Americans have climbed on their bikes and taken to the streets. Here's a look at who's riding where.

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Federal Funding for Bike Lanes

Funds have been declining in recent times, though they're still a big improvement over ten years ago.

Federally funded bike lanes

Ride or Drive: The Choice is Clear

Pedaling around town saves gas, saves money, and helps save the planet.

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Making a Difference

If Americans made one 4-mile round-trip by bike instead of car each week, we'd burn nearly 2 billion fewer gallons of gas annually. At $3.64 a gallon, that's a savings of $6.6 billion.
Source: Sierra Club: Pedaling Prosperity, 2012