Stem Adjustment

Setting up your bike’s stem is as simple as it is important. This video hits the highlights–watch it and learn all you need to know about this essential part:

The top cap needs only to be snug enough to hold your fork secure, the pinch bolts do the majority of the work to hold everything together.

Do this work with your front wheel on the ground, so your fork is set in your frame.

  • Center and rotate your bars, with your levers at a comfortable angle.
  • Secure the top cap bolt, making sure not to over-tighten (this can damage bearings in your headset).
  • Tighten the faceplate bolts incrementally, keeping the gap consistent as it clamps down.
  • Straighten your bars relative to your wheel, then tighten pinch bolts on stem. Maintain a consistent gap at each bolt.

You’re done! Be sure to include these bolts in your pre-ride checklist. Happy riding!