Diamondback's Team Riders

Are a diverse group of individuals. Some are driven by competition, pushing to their limits in road races and triathlons. Others are fueled by exploration, following silent calls from wild places. One thing they do share is Diamondback’s commitment to Healthy and Happy living through two wheels. Our athletes put their bikes through more abuse in a day than yours will see in a year, providing us valuable feedback.


With a collective experience rivaled only by their unceasing passion, Diamondback's mountain bike team seeks out adventure on every trail they find.


    Rally cycling is truly all for one, one for all. Sprinters, climbing specialists, all-rounders: it's all about reaching that podium.


    Triathlon is a unique and solitary pursuit, testing athletes in three difficult sports. Diamondback triathletes succeed in the world's most grueling contests.