Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy?

Diamondback’s first priority is your satisfaction, and we do issue refunds on unused merchandise within 30 days of purchase.

Bikes must be unbuilt, unused, and in its original packaging to be accepted. Any clothing and accessory items must be unused with the tags still attached to be accepted. Any items that do not meet the conditions of our return policy will be shipped back to you at your expense. Returned items are subject to restocking charges. These charges will be deducted from your refunded total, at $50/bike and $9/box for parts & accessories. All returns will be refunded to the original payment method, and will be processed within 1-3 weeks of receipt. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to show up on your statement. We will gladly assist you with defective merchandise. If your item has a suspected manufacturer defect please contact us.

RETURN INSTRUCTIONS Securely package the return shipment. Affix the Fed Ex return label to the outside of the box. (The return label will be included with the pack slip on the original box.) Please remove or cover all old labels or barcodes. Contact Fed Ex (1-800-GoFedEx or www.fedex.com/us) to arrange collection of the item or drop off the package at a Fed Ex store of your choice.

Where can I get replacement parts for my bike?

You can purchase replacement parts directly from Diamondback by connecting with customer service agents here or via Live Chat. 

Where is the serial number on my bike?

The serial number is located on the underside of the frame where the pedals and crank arms attached. It will be a string of letters and numbers.

How do I get warranty service for my bike?

For your safety and convenience we recommend warranty service done through an authorized Diamondback dealer. If there are challenges getting your bike to an authorized dealer connect with us directly here or through Live Chat so we can help you get safely back on the road.

Is my bike covered under warranty? How do I find out?

To learn more about your bike's warranty click here, or connect directly with our experts via Live Chat or email. 

How can I get a manual for my bike? Do you have a manual that is specific for my model?

Manuals are not specific by model. You can download the most current manual here

I am missing something from My diamondback bike box. How do I get one?

Connect with our customer service experts here or through Live Chat. We will do our best to get you what you need!

Can I order parts/ bikes direct from Diamondback?

Yes. Connect with us here to order replacement parts for your bicycle. Click here to see what bikes and accessories are available direct from Diamondback.

What is the max rider weight for Diamondback bicycles?

All of our bikes are warrantied to three-hundred pounds. You can ride our bikes if you weigh over three-hundred pounds yet damage to bike frame and bike parts due to rider weight will not be covered by Diamondback's warranty. Our most sturdy bikes are hardtail mountain bikes like the Overdrive.

How do I find information on bike assembly or bike tuning?

Click here for our vast information and videos about how to tune your ride.

How do I find out how much a specific bike weighs?

We don’t list our weights publicly, yet if you connect with our customer service experts here or via Live Chat, we will do our best to get the information you need!

What size of bike should I get?

For sizing information look here.

My bike came with parts different from the specs listed on the website. Why?

Unfortunately, sometimes components, paint colors, decals, or other materials become unavailable after production has started. When these situations arise, we must make changes after specs and photos have been published. We strive always to make substitutions of the same or higher quality compared to the original.

My bike’s color looks different from what’s pictured on the website. Why?

Different monitors and devices display colors differently. We make every effort to use images that represent the colors of our bikes as accurately as possible, but we cannot guarantee exact consistency between what you see on your display and the true color of your bike.