DOG BIKE STOKE: Blazer the Labradoodle’s POV
Interpreted by Lori Hinton

I’ll be the first to admit it,
I’m one of the lucky ones.
Neighbors come out on their porches as we go by and say, “Would ya look at that!”
Other dogs watch me out the window, yearning to be free, like me.
Riders on the trail laugh and say, “SOMEONE is a happy guy.”
Not sure if they’re talking about me or my owner, but… here’s how I see it:

Not every dog is meant to ride with humans.
Not every human is meant to ride with dogs.
But one thing is certain, when you’ve got the perfect pair, nothing can compare.

It all happens fast, I hear my human open the garage and grab his bike.
It either means we're doing a quick jib around the block or going to the trails.
I'm ready for either. I'm up for both.
I look back at mom and she nods, “Go ahead, Blazer, it's OK!”
Without hesitation, I’m off. Yippeeeeee!

My favorite sound is the click of the freewheel.
Just point those wheels in the right direction and I'll follow.
Actually, I prefer to ride side by side, so I can look up and smile as we go—tongue flappin’ in the breeze for full sensation.

Sometimes I'm on a leash (dang uptight dude down the street), but if I'm lucky (which, often, I am), I get to run free.
Just gotta be fast so the cops don’t see (I live in city limits, on leash at all times, well, sometimes).

Yeah, I'm a city dog with a country heart.
I'm perfectly happy riding on the sidewalk,
But get me on the trail and I'm stooooooked!!!
What was that, a chipmunk?
Woah, the tire just buzzed me—no time to stop n sniff.
Wait, what? Was that an elk!? A Sasquatch!?
My adrenaline’s flowin’, nose full of wild animal smells.

You could say I'm a weekend warrior.
Figure eights in the ‘hood on weekdays,
Mud, mountains and single track on the weekends,
And dirt jumps in between.

My name is Blazer (as in “Trail Blazer”),
And I've got a serious case of DOG BIKE STOKE!

About the Author: Lori Hinton is a freelance writer based in West Seattle, Washington. She loves walking, hiking and riding with her family, especially her charismatic labradoodle, Blazer.