How to Buy a Diamondback Bike Online

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From electronics to groceries, the convenience of clicking boxes and filling electronic shopping carts has become second nature. Avoiding traffic and crowded stores is worth it — it's way better to shop right from your couch!

Buying a bike online can be just as easy and convenient as buying anything else — if you do your homework. Read on to demystify finding, buying, and choosing a delivery option for your next bike.

First pick your category.

Bike categories are divided by intended use.  Ask yourself some key questions to decide which bike category to shop:

Where do you see yourself riding your new bike?

How long are your rides going to be?

How aggressively will you ride? Is a “race-y” position important to you?

Compare your answers to these questions to the category descriptions (Mountain, Road, City, etc.) and subcategories (All-Mountain, Trail, Competition, or Endurance, for example) on to narrow down your options.

Next look for a model that fits your riding style and budget.

Be realistic. Make sure you’re honest about the type of riding you’ll be doing, and get the bike that fills that role. There are far too many full-carbon dust collectors sitting in garages, the result of overambitious bike purchases. If you’re going to be casually riding on paths, look for bikes that excel at casual path rides. We don’t all need race bikes. Poke around and find a bike that suits your needs.

Once you’ve landed on a model of bike, it's time to choose your size.

It is as easy as “small, medium, or large.”

For example, from our Airen 5C page:

Airen 5 size chart

Choosing a frame size is just that simple. You'll find these under "sizing" for each bike. You can check the bike's "standover height" (in the size tab) against your inseam to be extra sure. You want about 1" of clearance for road bikes and 2-3" for mountain and comfort bikes. You can convert those mm to inches here.

With sizing determined, buy your bike.

The last few clicks are familiar to any online shopper:

Check Out

Last step: choose your delivery option.

Make your choice depending on your level of handiness and what options are available in your area. All Diamondback bikes arrive partially assembled. Our Ready Ride models arrive 95 percent assembled. Learn more about Ready Ride bikes.

Mechanically inclined? Choose Standard Home Delivery. Your bike will be partially assembled and then shipped to your door. You’ll finish assembling it yourself following the assembly guide included with your bike. We’ve also got some helpful assembly videos to make it even easier.

Once your bike arrives, inspect the box for damage. If the box is torn, folded, or mutilated, refuse delivery. The packaging should be in good order, with no holes or tears. This is your bike we're talking about!

Prefer to have someone else put your bike together? We’ve got two free options, depending on availability in your area: local bike shop or Beeline Bikes.

If a participating bike shop is available for your zip code and purchase type, you will be presented at checkout with options for bike shops located near you. We will ship your bike to the shop you select at checkout. A professional mechanic will assemble your bike, and you can then pick it up at the shop.

Beeline Bikes is a mobile bike shop that will assemble your bike and deliver it you. You will be presented this delivery option at checkout if it is available in your location. We will ship your bike to the mobile Beeline bike mechanic in your area. The mechanic will assemble your bike and deliver it at the time you schedule.

Beeline Bikes Van

Now sit back, relax, and have some cookies as your bike is shipped. Snickerdoodles are recommended. And while you’re munching, spin on over to to read more in-depth on bike fitting, setup tips, tech tips, and more.

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