bill nye rides a bike

Bike Etiquette. What is it? And why do we need it?

Out there on the road (or the trail), it’s not just us. There are other people, on bikes and in cars! We all need to get along. Bike etiquette is our way to communicate respectfully and keep each other safe. It’s just the right thing to do, folks.

Think back to driver’s ed. If you follow the same rules and act like a car, your actions are predictable. For example:

Ride on the right side of the road (we’re not in England)!

diagram shows how to ride on right side of road

Instead of blinkers, use hand signals when preparing to turn. For right turns, bust out the ole cactus arm.

the ol cactus arm

For left turns, keep it straight.

left turn signal

For braking, go for the broken cactus arm, or brake dance move, up to you.

braking signal

Stop at red lights and stop signs.

stop at red lights and stop signs

And always remember to ding your bike bell, and use verbal cues to warn people you’re “Passing on the left, please!”

use a bike bell to warn others you're passing

Yes, pedestrians still have the right of way.

pedestrians have the right of way

You’re bound to come across all kinds of things out there, so remember, when in doubt, always pick the safe route.

Signing out…