Keep Dreaming – Dreamride 2

Launched last year with our Level Link suspension platform, the award-winning short film Dreamride captured bike riders’ imaginations around the globe. Mike Hopkins rode his Release 3 through unreal terrain, ripping as he explored far-flung paradises. Full of hope and awe, the film reminds us all just why it is we ride.

Mike is back, and luckily for us he hasn’t stopped dreaming.

Familiar and yet brand new, this is the next chapter in Mike’s recurring dream. He and the team traveled from tropical jungle to frozen river to create a film that we think surpasses their first efforts. Turn out the lights and get ready to take a trip to the land of make believe all over again: Diamondback presents Dreamride 2.

They say if you don’t keep a dream journal, you’re bound to forget them. Here’s some screensaver material from photographer Bruno Long — amazing stuff:

analyze this

big trees, big ideas

island hoppers

Diamondback Release 3

out of body experience

ferngully is real

explosive silhouette


thatsa lotta toothpicks

moss boss

cactus flyby

feeling lucky?

it's called mountain biking

above the clouds

sunset dreaming

deep in a cave

Mike rides a Release 3, our flagship all-mountain ripper. The perfect complement to Level Link’s efficiency and smooth kinematics, it’s the proverbial quiver-killer. In celebration of Dreamride 2, we’ve put all our Level Link bikes on sale. Now’s your opportunity to get up to 30% off a Clutch, Catch, or Release.

Diamondback Release 3