Holiday Gift Guide: Essentials

If you’re buying gifts for a “bike person,” there are tons of ways to go. Mountain bikers, road riders, and bike commuters each have their own set of specific bike accessories and parts they’re looking for, but what to do about more casual riders? What kind of gift do you get for the people who don’t strongly identify as a particular type of rider, but just enjoy riding bikes?
We put together this general list of bike-related gift ideas for these people on your list. For the less dedicated rider you’d like to motivate, for the friend who rides for fun, for the person who’s missing some of the essentials:


protect your dome!

Look: you gotta wear a helmet, so you might as well get a cool one! Our Trace helmet is great for casual riders, with an integrated visor and extended rear coverage. In a couple bright colors and basic black, this is an affordable, comfortable, and good-looking helmet.

Starter toolkit:

Starter toolkit

The perfect gift for someone who never feels prepared, this tool kit has all the necessities: a multi-tool, hand pump, patch kit, and tire levers for the road, and a powerful floor pump for the home shop. Grab a couple tubes and they’re all set.

Bike Rack:

Trunk rack

The ability to throw your bike on the back of a car really opens up worlds of possibilities: taking bikes on the camping trip, exploring far-flung areas on your two-wheeled escape pods, or just driving to the trailhead. With a collapsible rack that stores away when you don’t need it, trunk racks like this one from Yakima are almost a necessity. On or off in minutes, now you can always bring the bikes—just in case!

Fitness Tracker:

Fit Bit

Fitness trackers have taken off in the past few years and it’s no surprise: they’re fun motivators that provide results. Fit Bits are at the head of the pack with features that keep you moving, sleeping, and living right.

Bike Lock:

Diamondback Holmes Bike Lock

There’s nothing worse than losing a bike. Our Holmes set has both a u-lock and a cable lock, helping secure your bike. Loop the cable through the wheels and frame, clamp the whole shebang to the rack, and keep honest people honest. A great gift for any bike owner.

Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth Speaker

Jam boxes are back, in the form of today’s portable Bluetooth speakers. Little ones like the Buckshot from Outdoor Tech are capable of pumping out big sound. We don’t recommend riding with headphones, so these are the answer if you’re in the need of tunes for your ride (or your destination).

Cup Holder:

Bottle Holder

Not every ride is a race. Sometimes you want to chill out, you’d rather mosey than mash, and you want that beverage close at hand. Cold or hot, this one has a handle on your drink.

Freebird Velo:

freebird velo

Our friend Jenny at Freebird Velo makes bike art that's stylish, affordable, and fun. Get the bike person on your list something to show off their affinity for two-wheelers with something unique from a fellow bike lover.