Choose Ready Ride for No-Sweat Bike Assembly

Most Diamondback bikes originally priced at $500 or more are Ready Ride. Ready Ride bikes are hand-built and shipped 95 percent assembled. Typical bike assembly is time-consuming and requires technical know-how. Ready Ride reduces the time and skills needed for the final, four-step assembly.

The process is simple: Install the seatpost, attach the handlebars, put on the pedals, and install the front wheel. Follow a quick safety checklist and you’re ready to roll! Assembly instructions are included in the box, and we’ve also got step-by-step instructions and videos right here. If you need more help, no problem! Check out our bike setup and tuning tips, shoot us an email, or connect with one of our customer service reps via the live chat icon. Start enjoying your first ride as soon as possible with our Ready Ride build system. 

Bikes arrive with simple packing material protecting the frame and components. 

Ready Ride

Install the seatpost.


Install the front wheel.

font wheel

Install the pedals.


Thumbs up — let's ride!

Thumbs Up!